Virtual Bake Sale

Back to Blog Patrick Weston — 02-15-2017
Back to Blog Virtual Bake Sale

I'm taking the classic fundraiser, a bake sale, and putting it online.

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Update: Y’all. We were able to raise $425 for this family. Thank you for your support and for showing the big-heartedness of Americans.

My coworker is helping to sponsor a refugee family of 9 through an organization called No One Left Behind.

No One Left Behind supports wartime allies (interpreters, soldiers, cultural advisors, and other allies of American troops) who have been displaced from their home due to their association and support to Americans.

The family has been in Chicago for a year. The father supports the family of 9 on one salary, but he has been unemployed for the last two months. Given this, the family is behind on their rent and needs financial help.

Regardless of how you feel about recent changes to immigration, this is something we can definitely all get behind—helping out a family in need that put their lives on the line helping American soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.

To help spur things along, I’m offering to send you a batch of fresh baked goods if you donate at least $25 by Saturday at midnight. If you can’t make a donation of that size, I’ll instead post a funny selfie following your artistic direction.

Proof that people like my baked goods

I have a reputation for creating some pretty tasty baked goods. You’ll get to pick from:

  • Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Buckeyes
  • Brownies

Choose Wisely

To make a donation, you can use one of the following methods:

  • Venmo: Send a payment to @patrickfweston
  • PayPal: Send your donation online
  • Check: Email me at [email protected] to get my physical address
  • Other: Reach out to me and let me know some other method you’re going to use

Once you’ve donated, request some baked goods through the following form:

If you have any trouble, just shoot me an email, Tweet at me, or message me through Facebook.

Thanks for helping to make a difference!

Photo of Brownies Photo Credit: Brownies, Bon Appetit magazine