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Virtual Bake Sale

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Update: Y’all. We were able to raise $425 for this family. Thank you for your support and for showing the big-heartedness of Americans. My coworker is helping to sponsor a refugee family of 9 through an organization called No One Left Behind. No One Left Behind supports wartime allies (interpreters, soldiers, cultural advisors, and other allies of American troops) who have been displaced from their home due to their association and support to Americans. Read more

We Are All Humans

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Anyone who knows me fairly well knows that I’m Catholic. To some though, the subject may never come up or we never get a chance to know each other close enough for it to be revealed. I keep things pretty under wraps publicly–I’m not afraid to share my faith, but I want to do it in a way that is organic. St. Francis of Assisi sums up my philosophy best: Read more

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